Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score Book

Short Game Bible

Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score Book

This book is a must for those looking for golf short game aids. The approach of Dave Pelz to golf is very much easy to comprehend. Eighty percent of the strokes that golfers lose to par are based on their play within the range of 100 yards of the grain. This is critical for the scoring game. Pelz is actually a former NASA physicist, so he offers strong scientific basis to his instruction and research. This makes him one of the best short game in golf anywhere in the world. In this book, Pelz gives, for the very first time, his techniques and understanding he has actually shared with the pros.

This includes a wide range of progressive exercises and tests for mastering high pressure and even deceptive shots of the short game. With the first book by Pelz, Putt Like the Pros, he became a best-selling author and internationally renowned teacher that would lower your golf scores by enhancing your short game. This short game bible is full of charts, knowledge, and pictures that are required from you to learn all you need from Pelz the master. The book has all that golfers need to know on how to enhance their short game. This short game bible will support golfers by giving them all they need to know on how to up their short game in golf to support them in continuously shooting lower scores.

This book is called the bible, as evidenced by its book reviewers. One reviewer has said that the book is backed with impressive statistics and well researched, of course. These are things that the regular golfer does not know. This makes your game focus towards 100 yards to improve in the scoring. Making it especially true is the fact that this makes most golfers spend less times in longer shots such as woods, drives, long irons. The book offers wonderful drills on how to achieve golf success and actually implementing them.

Another golfer reviewer has even said that with this book, golf would probably be more popular than it currently is. This is connected to Pelz, who is passionate, gifted, and offers twenty percent of skill information in order to receive eighty percent results. All anyone needs to do is read this bible, get the proof, and be diligent with the short game theories since this is the best analysis out there.

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